Here’s What I Know About XYO Network

Many sectors are made transparent with the ability of smart contracts. The e-Commerce business and so many others have gotten so fierce, that surviving has come to be a matter of concern. In just six decades, the organization was able to create the greatest network of devices for tracking. As a way to provide this service, the e-commerce provider should use the XYO Network to compose a bright contract. To become eligible to provide this network services, it will influence the XYO network’s writing the smart contract. The company was established by Arie Trouw. For instance, you have a car rental business and wish to assess the location of all cars available.

As you probably already know, the Etherium network was launched in 2015, and it gave a chance to create wise contracts and decentralized applications that could be utilized in several sectors. The network is going to be built over 1,000,000 devices circulating on the planet. XYO Network has four main components. It aims to launch its main network in 2018. It aims to take advantage of location-verifying beacons that are already in place worldwide. It wants to leverage this network in order to decentralize location-reliant services.

There’s no restriction to turn into a broadcaster. This data backup is performed in a decentralized method. Location data is used each and every day on the other side of the world. Bluetooth and GPS devices XY let you place physical tracking beacons on things they wish to track. There are 1 million more beacons scattered in various areas of the world to check the location.

Facts, Fiction and XYO Network

Everyone can result in the system should they have the processing power and bandwidth. The present GPS process is shown to be not accurate enough to deliver the precised location and accuracy that users have started to anticipate. Another platform known as the XYO NETWORK was created to battle and supply solutions for the problems of location services utilizing the ability of blockchain technology. Now, this original technology is being introduced to the stream of location data. The XYO technology may be used to enhance all location-based smart contracts. A system where the use of tokens isn’t incentivized creates problems for the underlying economy in the very long term. Moreover, security also plays an exceedingly important role in any way times.

The world is getting more and more reliant on location data. It’s certainly going to select the area of location data to a different era. Quite simply, you may sell location data on the internet to support many services that rely on location data. To find out more about XYO Network and the way it works, visit online today at

The whole database will be correctly protected. Users can use wise contracts to decide if an object is at a particular XY-coordinate. They can interact with XYO Network in a number of different ways including through the use of smart contracts. Prospective users are prompted to cautiously adhere to the directions on the site and just send ETH to the token address listed. Physical objects cannot leave that space. The tokens can be thought of as gas necessary for interfacing with the actual world to confirm the XY-coordinate of a predetermined object. XYO tokens are utilised to incentivize the desired behavior by offering accurate and trustworthy location heuristics.

When the package is safely within the customer’s house, the payment is released. The expense of query, which is to be charged in XYO tokens is dependent upon the market dynamics and the sum of information necessary to give an answer. As you see, the advantages of the XYO Network in the true world can be immensely important and impressive. Proceeds from XYO token generation event is going to be allocated in accordance with the long-term development objective of the network. Therefore early investors might have to be patient so as to find some intriguing growth generated by their initial investment. You are likely to have to be a significant tech savvy investor to completely understand a few of the projects that lots of preliminary coin offerings and token generation events are based around, and that’s going to be the case for you to comprehend what XZO Token are offering.

Almost a myriad of transportation vehicles finally have a GPS or any sort of navigational system on it. If you’re some one that always misplace your automobile keys. The idea of provable location has existed for long which can be traced to ground-based radio navigation systems like LORAN.

The business and the team behind it first attracted the interest of XYO during EthDenver, among the largest hackathons for Ethereum in the United States of america. You may also obtain real time tracking details of your vehicles along with parking location details. Gone are the times when when we want to meet face to face with our psychologist. In recent times there’s been tremendous growth in technology and devices which could track location. The issue with these platforms is they give focus to the internet world, not on the physical one. Generally speaking, the major problem related to crypto at the current time is to minimize the use of several coins in comparison to all the customary fiat currency. There is an assortment of issues with the present GPS system, for example, fact that it’s a centralized provider, fully controlled by the United States Air Force.



XYO Token Specications:

  • Smart contract platform: Ethereum
  • Contract Type: ERC20
  • Token: XYO
  • Token Name:XYO NetworkUtility Token
  • Token Address: 0x55296f69f40ea6d20e478533c15a6b08b654e758
  • Total issuance: Finite and capped at the amount reached after the Token Main Sale
  • Projected XYO Token Cap: $48 Million
  • Unsold and Unallocated tokens: Burned after the token sale event. No further XYO

Token Sale Distribution

  • 39.3% (9,495,450,000 XYO) = Public Token Sale
  • 39.3% (9,495,450,000 XYO) = Cryptoeconomic Reserve
  • 6.6% (1,600,000,000 XYO) = XYO Team
  • 3.5% (850,000,000 XYO) = XY Company
  • 3.3% (800,000,000 XYO) = Advisors
  • 3.3% (789,473,684 XYO) = Enterprise Partnerships
  • 3.1% (750,000,000 XYO) = Promotion
  • 1.6% (413,345,292 XYO) = Pre-sale Tokens Sold

Token Sale Proceeds

  • 40% = VXY Network Growth: Marketing: Strategic Partnerships
  • 35% = Engineering and R&D
  • 15% = XY Oracle Network Platform Operatios
  • 5% = Overhead
  • 5% = Supporting Important Blockchain Projects




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