The initial one is the information and study material which can be easily found. More information and installation instructions can be found the download page. Aside from the superior whitepaper, the site is likewise very detailed, contains all necessary graphics and data about the token sale and the DICOM platform. Thus, the information they give to the environment is going to be the ideal information.

With VoxelX you aren’t kick-starting an undertaking, but instead you’re kick-finishing it and get started profiting. With VoxelX that you don’t begin a project, but you solve it and get started earning profits. A project similar to this one has never been seen before in the area of blockchain and cryptocurrency, therefore it’s going to be quite exciting to find out what the team is ready to do later on. If you’ve got another project that you would like added to this page then please tell us. My very first project was an easy skeleton warrior. This program supply the place and data from radiology program, so anyone who should learn it can easily do that with the DICOM platform they can see in Voxelx.

The medical education is among the hardest subjects in education. Multidisciplinary learning is just one of the biggest challenges in medical education sphere, since the volume of data in medical sciences keeps growing, the demands for such a learning is rapidly increasing. Multidiscipline learning is one of the most troublesome things for an undergraduate along with graduate medical student. It’s no easy to discover the precise knowledge or information you want with all the documents and learning materials spread throughout the web.

OpenVDB is specially developed to be very customizable. OpenVDB is quite different from existing sparse data structures that you’re very likely to have heard of. A review about VoxelX VoxelX is one of the projects which I have found potential inside this blockchain era. There isn’t any reason to hesitate to develop into part of VoxelX. Voxelx Platform Voxelx was developed in DICOM-platform. VoxelX DICOM-platform is created to simulate radiology learning.

Its upcoming outlook isn’t fully reflected in the present share price yet, which means it isn’t too late to get VOX. DICOM allows integration of healthcare devices like printers and workstations from several manufacturers. Crowdholding is not liable for the quality of content given by Crowdholders. Voxelus is a three-dimensional app that makes it possible for users to make VR games, experience and spaces without having to write code.

VoxelGeo opacity technology provides the largest quality rendered displays in the business. At exactly the same time, the industry lacks an all in 1 platform which brings together the men and women working in the business and people who wishes to. As VoxelX states themselves on their site, the medical business is currently being flooded with high volumes of information and data, therefore it’s hard that people find the proper thing in their opinion. Inside this era of technology development, ICO market is much like the Wild West during the right time of gold rush. You should not make an investment in an internet program with money you aren’t well prepared to lose. Therefore, it does propose a viable business to put money into. Purchasing a terrific company with a robust outlook at an inexpensive price is almost always a great investment, so let’s also take a peek at the firm’s future expectations.

The GRAY token will be a crucial part of the VoxelX ecosystem when the item is finished as described above. You’ve got to treat what you’re making as a good object. Users can make their own files for reference purposes in addition to for lecturing. Following that, you can also make your own files within the platform, if you would like to utilize it for teaching purpose.

Due to its importance, many people today want to know more about the area, wants to find out more about as a way to receive a job in the area and a few are even working in it at the moment. A Scalar Field must have the same kind and meaning for every single point, the value is variable. With this system, the team has mission to give the best internet DICOM-platform that will revolutionize the best way to study the health science and program.

The platform is produced to encourage interaction and education. It has many tools that will allow radiologists and medical learners to interact easily using the DICOM image. This platform is excellent platform for study, because you can readily make many operations in radiology inside this platform. VoxelX Wallet The platform is intended to create wallets for each user on the VoxelX wallet that is connected to the user’s account.


Token info

  • Ticker: GRAY
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Available for sale: 4,500,000,000 GRAY (45%)


  • ICO Price: 1 GRAY = 0.002 USD
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Soft cap: 1,500 ETH
  • Hard cap: 25,000 ETH

Token Distribution

  • Token Sale – 45%
  • VoxelX Foundation – 25%
  • Early Investors and Bonuses – 10%
  • VoxelX Team and Founders – 20%

Proposed use of proceeds

  • Content Building – 40%
  • Platform Development – 35%
  • Marketing – 20%
  • Legal and Contingency reserves – 5%

Team member



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