Within the Temco ecosystem, all of the body involved with supply chain will have the ability to track down any sort of products at a much easier way with no much stress. According to a lot of enthusiasts, the Chinese cell stipulates a number of businesses with a cheap and effective means to put away supply chain data. A supply chain is crucial in business. Imagine having the ability to observe where your food has been and where it is going to be going, all before you get it. Moreover, it has come to be a great deal more convenient to obtain water bottles in a massive quantity or utilize water bottle shipping support, since discounts or lower prices are provided to the consumers in both scenarios. The standard Temco fireplace doors are made with tempered glass that’s refractory metals. Proof of residence If your present residence and nationality are different, you’ll need to submit.

The customary supply blockchain process is centered on tracking records of the merchandise and documentations created during the procedure for delivery, using smart contract to automate the practice. For those who have successfully completed the KYC procedure, the above mentioned screen appears. All you need to do is follow the normal procedure very similar to other exchange websites. The application method is as simple as scanning a QR code connected to the item. The genuine application will shortly be developed. KYC registration is currently completed.

The token can readily be employed to sell modest fractions of a real estate asset. As an example, tokens improve the security of users as they’re protected against criminals and fraudsters. Because of this, more liquid’ cash enters the equation, as the huge capital sum required is dispersed between a variety of investors. As a consequence, SMEs can reduce the cost from inefficient operation whether that’s internal or external, needless to be concerned about investing on large infrastructure to recognize the origin of supply chain process problems and lessen the variety of claims.

TEMCO market will function as a hub, connecting everybody in the supply chain network. On the flip side, consumers are also an important focus for TEMCO. With multiple outbreaks of health hazards in food products such as the toxic insecticides found in eggs occurring in Europe, South Korea and other countries in 2017, they are faced with rising fears in relation to supply chain management.

The goods are packaged in the identical fashion, increasing reliability and high quality of Nenia’s products. Once everything is finished, we’ll be releasing the last item. Just as food goods, bottled water has expiration date too. On the flip side, a customer will enjoy whole transparency and they always have the ability to check the shipping process in actual time, therefore there won’t be any trust problems. On the flip side, customers want more info for their orders more than ever. On the other hand, they want more information about their orders than ever before. The possible customers of the design have to submit to the manufacturer the suitable size of the frame.

Little and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have enough infrastructure or financial flexibility to provide supply chain management data to their clients. As an example, any small and medium business who’s just going to start their organization or still hoping to run their company can use their capital to fund different developments, as opposed to building the supply chain platform. The business is ISO 90012008 certified and maintains high-quality standards at each stage during the manufacturing approach. There’s no machine part that company can’t make. The important blockchain businesses and related renowned personnel as well are attending and about 250 speakers from all around the world. No matter whether you’re a customer or delivery provider, even when you’re running your own company, you may use Temco.

Whether you’re a person or an organization, if you’re looking to buy or trade real estate, a big, concentrated amount of capital is demanded. There are a number of organization involving in the managing of supply chain but there’s no database or network that could connect them to share ideas with one another. Presently, there aren’t any initiatives to address such problem though the advantage of blockchain project is decentralized. TEMCO project will provide increased transparency and dependability across the whole supply chain process to supply trustworthy information that empowers businesses and consumers. Thus, the TEMCO project will provide increased transparency and dependability throughout the supply chain procedure and supply accurate and complete info. Our project will provide increased transparency and dependability across the whole supply chain process to supply trustworthy information that empowers businesses and consumers. There are quite a lot of projects that are trying to address the problems of contemporary supply chains.

Token details

  • Token = TEMCO
  • Price 1 TEMCO = 0.006333 USD
  • Platform = RSK
  • Accepting = BTC, ETH


  • May 2018
    Launch Website
    Release whitepaper

  • June 2018
    Release prototype
    Develop advisory board

  • Aug 2018
    Start private sale

  • Oct 2018
    Start whitelisting

  • Nov 2018
    Start public sale (TBD)

  • Dec 2018
    Develop decentralized RSK based supply chain network

  • 1Q 2019
    Develop BI tool, ERP, and consumer application
    Develop a business model for luxury goods industry

  • 2Q 2019
    Develop IoT on TEMCO supply chain platform

  • 3Q 2019
    Launch beta BI tool

  • 4Q 2019
    Launch beta consumer application
    Launch TEMCO verified API service

  • 1Q 2020
    Launch beta luxury goods market on TEMCO platform

  • 2Q 2020
    Launch luxury goods market on TEMCO platform
    Launch BI tool and beta ERP

  • 3Q 2020
    Launch ERP and consumer application

  • 4Q 2020
    Launch partner’s mall and point mall
    Launch TEMCO data service

Advisors & Team

Partners & Insvestors

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