DSPlus — Mobile app, DS PLUS exists for little more than a year and it already became a strong player in the field of lead-generation and mobile marketing. It encourages people to purchase goods and services from those sellers, who are willing to show loyalty to their customers.We call those sellers who use our DS PLUS system our partners. At the moment we have 1496 partners and 8027 sales points in Russia and those parts of Europe, where our system is available.

These numbers grow daily. Among our partners are successful regional businesses, such as Russian “Absolut” hypermarket network and large international retailers, like “X5 Retail Group”, “McDonalds” or “KFC”.We communicate directly with the decision-making people of our partner companies, thus bringing our partnerships to really high levels.

But like most of IT businesses, our company depends on people and their interest in our product.Our current user base of 90 000 active users was achieved built without aggressive marketing, just by us listening to partner’s and user’s feedback and constantly improving our product.Every day our users make transactions with our partners.

On average, the number of users grows by 250 daily. By making a purchase from our partners, our users get a discount and unique bonus points, that they could exchange for various gadgets and other goods during the prize draw. Soon, these bonus points will become a backed cryptocurrency, and our partners and users will be using the same infrastructure.

PlusCoin is a cryptocurrency was based on blockchain tech and integrated in mobile app DSPlus.DSPlus is a unique mobile app, created for lead generation and customer retention, already existing more than one year and successfully implementing it’s purposes around Russian Federation.

We bring to our partners an independent, blockchain-based cashback assessment instrument. But how exactly modern cashback programs look like? Today, there exist several services at the e-commerce market that feature the cashback program. Its subscribers can partially redeem funds they spent buying from major online retailers, but the process is complicated and the actual transaction is typically delayed for 2 months. Besides, one has to share the funds with the cashback-arranging service.

In the offline world, the cashback is the domain of banks payment systems. Typically, the cashback value would amount to 1–2% of the cost of the purchase. Sure, there are some bank’s partners who would give up to 15% in cashback, but otherwise, these offers are far from good or apply only to the first purchase.

The goals of the project :

  • Creating transparent decentralized blockchain-based marketing network.
  • Popularizing of PlusCoin cryptocurrency for the people having no idea and understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain techs.
  • Giving an opportunity of commiting payments in PlusCoin for currently existing DSPlus partners.
  • Creating mobile-app-based marketplace of goods and services as an alternative channel of distribution with high sales efficiency.
  • Creating unique marketing tools, even existance of which had only became possible thankfully to appearing of blockchain tech.
  • Introduction of new banking tool which we currently call “CryptoScoting” (it will include all info about client’s transactions commited in internal cryptocurrency.

Business Model And Finance.

Today, the basic service DS PLUS offers is motivating users to make purchases from partners by providing users various loyalty bonuses (discounts, promo campaigns, etc.). When First PlusCoin Token will hit the market, the partner would be able to motivate the user to buy from them by offering the transfer of PlusCoin to the user’s account.

At the moment, PlusCoin is accrued by DS PLUS as bonus points that are lacking backing (though the user is able to exchange them for a chance to win a gadget or a car in a lottery). For now, the users hold 16 000 000 PlusCoin.

In the future, partner relationship would look like this:

The partner top ups his PlusCoin account by buying the cryptocurrency on his account page. He pays the EPPC (Exchange Price PlusCoin) for the tokens. EPPC is defined momentarily, from a current trading price of PlusCoin on popular exchanges.

Next, the partner specifies a fixed amount of USD or PlusCoin or a fraction of the purchase price that he is willing to offer as a cashback to his client. The total amount of PlusCoin that would be accrued to a client’s account is calculated by the formula:

Cashback=(A ∙ x)/(EPPC ∙ USD_Price)

where A is the purchase price, 0≤x<1 is the cashback rate (a fraction of the price), and USD price is the current price of the fiat currency used for the purchase in US dollars. The transfer of PlusCoin could also be triggered by special events, such as the user’s visit to the partner’s sales point (in the current version of DS PLUS this kind of events is registered with the use of GPS and iBeacon data).

An important feature of DS PLUS is the segmentation of partners into 3 different classes:

  1. “Cold” partner– a partner that is not ready to control the PlusCoin transfer by himself. For this class of partners, the transfer is controlled by DS PLUS or any other lead generation service that uses PlusCoin.
  2. Class 2 partner– a partner that is ready to move on to the new system and control the transfer of PlusCoin to clients on his own but is not ready to accept PlusCoin as a payment for his goods or services.
  3. Class 1 partner– a partner that is ready to move on to the new system and control the transfer of PlusCoin to the clients on his own and is ready to accept PlusCoin as a payment for his goods/services

Class 1 partners accept the PlusCoin payments for their goods/services using the formula:

Price_in_PlusCoin= N∙EPPC∙Fiat_price,

where 0<N≤2 is the boost factor, that could be used to incentivize partners and/or users to use PlusCoin. Each class of products and services gets its own recommended boost factor.

For example, if the fiat price of the product is $100 and EPPC = $0.02, the market price of the product is 5000 PlusCoin. If the Class 1 partner specifies a boost factor of N=1.6, then he sells the product to the customer for 8000 PlusCoin, which is equivalent to $160 at the moment of the deal, thus getting 60% in added value.

In the case of Class 2 partners this 60% added value will be granted to the exchange which backs the transaction with fiat currency, to promote the usage of the coin.

PRE-ICO: First PlusCoin Token is a packet holding 3300 PlusCoin (the actual tokens).

The project employs a crowdfunding approach for the release of First PlusCoin Token, which is implemented via the Ethereum blockchain platform.

The “zero stage” of the project is the presale of First PlusCoin tokens. It will be held during August 4–15, 2017. During this period 100 000 tokens would be sold for $5 for a single token.

Why Choose PLUSCOIN?

  • Their Services Are Decentralized. Pluscoin is decentralized, which means that the user has full control over their money. There are no third parties as is usually the case with other financial institutions. All will have the freedom to send or receive coin just with a touch of a button. The fact that Pluscoin is decentralized means that you will save a significant amount of money that you would otherwise have used to pay intermediaries. It also reduces service delivery time.
  • Services Right At Your Doorsteps. Pluscoin has made it possible to send and receive money while sitting on the comfort of your couch. Once you download the DSPLUS app, you will be able to access the services of major companies near your locality using the app. In addition to that, you will also get the chance to trade the Pluscoin to get other currencies of your choice.
  • Ability To Trade And Earn Money. Once you have earned Pluscoin in your account, you can choose to trade it with any other currency of your choice, thus giving you the chance to earn more money. The company has also made it possible for all its members to do instant withdrawals of the money that they have earned.
  • The Platform Is Easy To Use.The DSPLUS app that the company launched is very easy to use. The registration process is very easy and the user experience is amazing. It will take you a very short period of time to grasp everything contained in the app. The company’s main aim was to create a secure app with great user experience.
  • The App Is Efficient And Secure.You don’t have to worry that they app will fail at one single point. This is because the company has put a strong structure in place that guarantees stability. The app is also very secure and has ensured that the user’s privacy is protected.

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