What is PARKGEN?

This is a P2P Park Order service provider

Simply put, PARKGEN is similar to “Airbnb for parking” . We will

Connect the person who has the parking lot with the driver who wants to park, provide

additional parking spots on the market, and underestimate the high parking fees

cost, with the provision of a source of revenue to all rented car park owners

driveways and their garage

PARKGEN, built at Ethereal Blockade, will be the first system

allowing the drivers and owners of the parking lot to interact directly with each other.

Our goal is to create a more transparent and current way of parking. PARKGENE

solves the short-term and long-term rental market of leasing costs,

use decentralized conflict resolution and make this market really P2P,

removing various intermediaries and providing insights and lists

Frankly, because they are stored in a blockchain that can not be changed.

This is the Automotive Ecosystem

But PARKGEN is more than just a P2P parking application. It is an ecosystem and

Internal payment system that aims to connect, the entire automotive industry in Indonesia

net market network.

PARKGENE seeks to develop a global automotive platform based on blockchain


PARKGEN will provide all the tools needed for existing market services

service providers, enabling them to connect, perform, and build a growing global community

which corresponds to the demand and supply of local parking spaces using GENE.

Initially GENE token (GENE) was established as a means of parking payment

the industry has potentially attracted many other related industries (automobiles

insurance, tolls, automobile services, etc.) that can use our distributed book

technology and start receiving GENE as a payment for services.


PARKGEN is a simple and safe way to find a parking lot, connecting drivers, individuals, and companies. Our vision is to disrupt the traditional channels – especially the off-line – Parking industry, worth $ 100 billion annually, and give drivers a better parking experience, and helping the city become more intelligent and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to park the city twice as easily and ten times cheaper. ask

we will mark GENE as a payment method for the automotive industry,

allowing drivers to pay parking and integration with mobile services, vehicles and automotive infrastructure.

How does Parkgene work ?

The driver searches for parking spaces connected with the parking lot owners via PARKGENE.

As soon as the driver booked the parking lot, the reservation prompted a clever contract with PARKGEN in Public Blockchain Etereum.

The PARKGENE program transmits the entire amount of parking, in GENES, from the driver’s wallet to the warehouse (temporary wallet). If the driver does not have enough GENE, he can use his credit card or other payment tool (bitcoins, ether) to buy GENE in real time and pay for transactions.

Successful reservations and payments offer drivers and owners of additional parking features needed to complete the parking:

For example, the driver will be able to open the garage door using his cell phone, and the owner of the parking lot is informed and can follow – the vehicle enters the vehicle and the ship. This additional function is possible with the remote access tool currently available on the market, integrated on the PARKGEN platform or via the free PARKGENE device.

At the end of a successful transaction, the parties made a smart agreement on Ethereum, with the receipt and confirmation of the blockade. 
The owner of the parking lot gets 75% of the smart contracts in the signs of GENE, from the warehouse to their wallets, when the driver checks from the parking lot.

The remaining 25% is distributed as follows:

· 5% of the total amount paid to the owner of the driver and the parking lot owner because they perform some actions that improve the ecosystem (eg rating, reviews).

· 20% of the total amount paid for PARKGENE for coverage of operational, development, cloud services and advertising costs.

At any time, platform users can buy or sell GENE for FIAT currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, CNY etc.) or other crypts of power (BTC, ETH, etc.). Use of multiple cryptovalence services that trade GENE tags.

GENE is available in a limited edition of 1,000,000,000 GENE Tokens.

We expect the user’s growth and the number of contracts to increase demand for GENE intelligent among drivers, generating a token that other service providers (ie toll, car wash, car insurance, service hooks etc) will receive a payment for their services

Sell ​​bookmarks

To run PARKGEN VISION, we started token token sales announce public Etereum GENE blocked. The Token Genomic Symbols will be offered on the general sales of pre-closing Round ICOs and ICOs.

On December 15, 2017, PARKGENE PRE-ICO will run Round Closed to distribute up to 2% of the token stock (hard cap for the Pre-ICO round closing token token sale is 20 million Post). To participate in the PRE-ICO closing, they sell the Round Token that is needed to accomplish and accept the call. [PRE-ICO Close Round Sales-OUT]

The public ICO will begin on January 15, 2018 at 10:00, distribute up to 35% of the token fund.

The GENE Unopened ICO Phase Token will be burned

ICO will sell PARKGEN to the Platform token. To participate in ICO PARKGEN and get a Gene Token, you must register for a free account. The gettons will be issued as a GENA ERC20 reserve for unblocking the Etereum so you have to accept the ERC20-compliant fundraiser.

You can pay in Ethers, Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, Dash. Litecoin and USD through foreign exchange

Token GEN will be released in Blockain Ethereal finally Token Sale and distributes associate. We expect that will GENE be exchanged at cryptocurrency Exchange shortly after publication.

Incoming ticket

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