Along with the rapid development of car industry the problem of parking is certainly a problem in many countries especially developing countries, Here I will introduce PARKGENE a solution to manage the parking, this project is very interesting because it provides many solutions about all parking problems and using this blockchain technology is a major breakthrough for more see the following description:

PARKGENE is an easy and safe way to find parking lots, connect drivers, individuals, and businesses. PARKGENE PTE LTD (Singapore) is a spin-off of PARKGURU LTD (UK), the most advanced omni-channel Park-Booking provider in the world today. utilizing PARKGENE’s Peer-to-Peer blockchain technology. This will shift the traditional PARGENE parking industry to try to provide a seamless parking experience, while at the same time, helping the city become more intelligent and environmentally friendly.

The main mission of PARKGENE is to establish GENE tokens as currency for the automotive industry such as payment for parking, and then integrate it with mobility services, vehicles  

and automotive infrastructure.

The work system of PARKGENE is as follows:

Driver searches for parking spots connected with parking owners via PARKGENE application.

As soon as the driver booked the parking lot, the reservation triggered the intelligent PARKGENE contract on the Public Blockchain Etereum.

The PARKGENE application transfers the full amount of parking fees, in GENES, from the driver’s wallet, to the storage (temporary wallet). If the driver does not have enough GENE, he can use his credit card or other payment tool (bitcoins, ether) to buy GENE in real-time and pay for transactions.

Successful bookings and payments offer drivers and owners of additional parking features required to complete the parking session:

For example, the driver will have the ability to open the garage door using his cell phone, while the owner of the parking is notified and can monitor – the vehicle enters the vehicle and departures. This optional function is possible by using a remote access tool, currently available on the market, integrated on the PARKGENE platform, or via a low-cost PARKGENE device.

At the end of a successful transaction, the parties concluded a smart contract on Ethereum, with admission and confirmation of the blockchain. 

At any time, platform users can buy or sell GENE tokens for FIAT currency (USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, etc.) or other power crypts (BTC, ETH, etc.) Using multiple exchange cryptocurrency services that trade GENE tokens.


To run the PARKGENE vision, we launched Token Sale to publish a GENE token in the public Ethereum block:

  • GEN Token Price : 0.1 USD
  • ICO Start date: 15 Jan 2018, 10:00 AM (GMT)
  • ICO End Date: 19 Mar 2018, 10:00 AM (GMT)  
  • or up to 350,000,000 tokens sold hardcap
  • PRE-ICO: Sold Out in Token 20M.
  • USD Payment accepted: PayPal, Credit, Wire Transfer
  • Crypto payment accepted: ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC
  • Funds held in Escrow until the end of ICO

I think that’s a bit of a description of PARKGENE for more information please visit the following link: