DRIVERO Is a Platform of various cars that aim to deliver the car when you need it, where you need it. This is the car you pay for using it. If you want to meet a friend who is away from you at this time or just to get from point A to point B. that’s the car that will be sent by All Drivero users.


Using a rental car for personal use is common.
The person may not own a private car but is reluctant to ride public transport, or own a private car but does not want to use it for reasons of prestige or capacity. For the second type, the person may want to drive a luxury car but which is often the main problem in the car sharing industry is the lack of variation of the car, which means most cars are included in one class, intended for the middle class. The second problem is that all payments are made with the card, no other options are made. The third is the lack of cars in important and busy parts of the city.

Increasing need for car rental company services as it is the best alternative. Especially when it is cheap, easy, safe, reliable and offers comfort while traveling.


We are pleased to offer the best market prices with new, clean and well-operated cars.

Do you ever want to drive a Porsche with a roof that can be opened, enjoying the weather? Or maybe you like the sound of the BMW F10 M5 engine? Our team is proud to offer various classes of cars, ranging from simple cars in the city, to business class or sport.

This platform will serve every DRIVERO user to be able to reboot their own cars to other users. We will be careful to take care of your cars by installing security equipment.

To protect and ensure high data transfer speed, we will use BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology.

As technology continues to move forward, we want to do so. That’s why you can pay by using ETH / BTC or with Credit or Debit Card.

You do not have to worry about fuel, insurance or maintenance expenses. Everything is included in the rental price.

Easy rules apply to rent your own car, the car must be no more than 3 years old (exception for sports car), have 5 seats or more, must be fully repaired with valid technical and insurance checks.
Car must be registered on your behalf and you accept the Terms and Conditions provided by DRIVERO, and must be equipped with DRIVERO equipment.
Whenever you can localize your car, see how much money you make for you. The company will save 15% profit for mediation, car security, the rest will be your profit.
Tenants will be easy to stop, with just one push button if you decide to use the car and can not rent it out.

Each owner will be able to check how much profit their car makes, locate the car, check on car trips, etc.

Private vehicle rentals can be stopped with a single button massage when not in use at the time.

Drivero will save 15% profit for mediation, vehicle safety, etc. Owners will receive 85% profit.

100 first owners will get an hour free ride with a BMW F10 M5 in Germany.

On 19 February 2018 Pre-ICO begins and will last one full month.
2400000 token (DVR) will be available, the price of one token is set to 0.0005 ETH.
Soft-cap will be 500 ETH, otherwise investment will not be returned to the user.
The ICO will begin on April 10, 2018 and will last a month. Token 20100000 (DVR) will be available, the price for one token is set to 0.001 ETH. There are also ICO bonuses planned for previous investors


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by: Yaelahwall